Prepare for Summer Activities!  Happy Pre-Spring!  Are you thinking about getting ready for Summer activities?   What a beautiful time of year!  We are almost through the Winter season.  Are you tired of grey skys?  Are you tired of all the wet weather?  Are you just plain tired!  This time of year we tend to be run down.  We lack energy.  We get a little blue.  We think a little negative.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but  I think the biggest one is lack of sunshine to brighten us up.  Sunshine actually helps balance our brain chemicals.  These chemicals can determine whether we feel happy or sad.  You have probably heard of a condition called SAD.  It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It can make you feel blue.  Your doctor could offer you a pill to help, but all you really need is a little sunshine and a breath of fresh air.  Increase your vitamin D level.  Your brain will say “Thank you” and so will your immune system.  Our Vitamin D level tends to drop in the Winter because of the lack of sunshine.  My recommendation is to try nature first and get outside whenever you can! Prepare for your Summer activities.

Another thing that will help you feel better is to start planning for your Spring and Summer activities.  I believe that this is the time of year when we start thinking about increasing our activity.    You may be thinking about playing golf or riding your bike soon.  I see many joggers running outside more frequently.  It is a good idea to start slow and ease into increased activity.  For example, today is a beautiful day.  Still crisp outside but very sunny.  A great day for a walk.  It’s time to start using your muscles.  It’s time to stretch things out,  increase strength and maybe start to drop some of the pounds put on by inactivity.  Remember, bathing suit time is right around the corner.

Many of us want to drop a few pounds to get ready for Bathing Suit Season.  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes shy away from bathing suit shopping.  On the other hand I love the beach or pool!  I love spending time out in the sun so I want to feel comfortable in my clothes!

So here’s my solution for the fast approaching seasons:

I have cut back a little on all the comfort foods!  I start my day with KVB, Nikken’s meal replacement shake.  It’s tasty and healthy and helps control my cravings during the day.  I will feel great, look great, and be well nourished.  Next I will be sure to wear my mStep insoles.  I will have more energy and better balance for all my new or renewed activities.  Of course if you are worried about preventing sore joints with increased activity, I would recommend Nikken joint wraps.  My last recommendation is get your complection ready for your summer look.  Clear skin is so radient with less make up.  In the summer less is better.  It’s the fresh look!  Nikken’s True Elements is perfect for clear, fresh skin without harmful chemicals.

Nature is always better!  Let Nikken help you get back to Nature and get ready for your Summer Activities!  The time is now!  Let’s get started!