Let’s talk about how to improve your sleep.  How are you doing at the end of the week? Are you full of energy ready to play and have a great weekend, or are you ready to sleep the weekend away, trying to get caught up on all the sleep you missed burning the candle at both ends?

Research is showing sleep is the #1 thing you can do for yourself to optimize your health. Proper sleep slows down the aging process, keeps your immune system strong, mends and repairs the damage done to your body from stress, detoxifies your body, processes thoughts and emotions, restores hormonal balance, and on and on and on! Did you know that all those things were happening during sleep?

It’s no wonder we feel so bad when we haven’t gotten a good nights sleep or enough sleep. It is also no wonder that our society is getting sicker and sicker. Sleep is the last thing we put on our “to do” list. How many times have you had way too many things to do in a day? We are up later and later getting everything accomplished. 85% of Americans have some sort of sleep disorder like not being able to fall asleep, or snore all night long, orare restless in bed.   Millions of Americans turn to sleep medication in order to get the sleep they know they need. As we all know there are a multitude of adverse side effects associated with these medications.

It is your choice to decide how you want to improve your sleep habits. I feel more comfortable finding natural solutions to the health concerns and problems we face. You might wonder “Why can’t I sleep?” or “How can I sleep better?”.  Sleeping in a bed that cocoons the body in natural energies promoting a natural, deep, sound, restful sleep is my idea of a perfect choice. This is the sleep system I recommend.   Nikken’s magnetic sleep system has nothing harmful and absolutely no adverse side effects! There is only deep, restful sleep for the rest of your life with a feeling of rejuvination every morning! Read more about it at www.nikken.com/sbgruber.

See you next week!