“How to bring nature into your Home” has received some really great interest. It makes me very happy to know that there are many who understand we were created to live in the natural world. Because of modern living we rarely have time to be in contact with nature. Clean fresh air is so important (our homes are 90 times more polluted that the out doors). Natural sunlight is essential for our brains and brain chemicals, our eyes and even our blood.

Most of us understand the importance of fresh air and sunlight, but did you know you also need exposure to earth’s magnetic energy field and earth’s negative ions? I read a great article by Dr. Mercola the other day. He is one of my favorite “get back to nature guys”. Research shows that chronic conditions, aches and pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, depression, and many other conditions can be improved just by taking time to go outside. You can even slow down the aging process!

Of course if you are like me, your time is very limited. You work all day, have families and responsibilities all evening. The weekends are spent doing the things you didn’t have time to do during the week. How in the world can you “get back to nature”? Let me share with you how we solved this dilemma. We actually brought nature in to our home. We turned our home into a greenhouse. We have clean, fresh air from our KenkoAir room air filter in our home. This not only cleans our air it adds negative ions to our environment without producing Ozone. We have natural sunlight in every room (especially where we read and work on the computer). But most of all, we have incorporated earths natural energy field into our home. My M-Steps” emit earths magnetic energy. I wear a Perfect Link necklace around my neck 24/7. My bracelet is magnetic for relief of sore, aching hands. Then to sleep soundly and experience perfect rest and rejuvenation, my Naturest Sleep System is a cocoon of natural energies. It really is very easy to improve your health and the way you feel. You know, you don’t have to change everything to have everything change!