How healthy is your shower water?  Have you ever thought about the kind of water you shower and bathe in?  I have to be honest, before I started on  my Nikken journey, I never gave a thought to the type of water I bathed in.  But, now I am much more aware of my environment at home and I am learning about different things that expose me to chemicals and toxins.  Our water supply is one way that we are exposed to chemicals and toxins.  Even though our water is suppose to be safe, take a look at your water report sometime and see all the things that are allowed to be in your water.

Here’s a little biology 101.  Your skin is your largest organ system of your body.  It is very  absorbent.  Things that come in touch with your skin can be absorbed through your pores.  In a nice hot shower your pores open and your blood vessels dilate and you absorb even more things than usual. When you take a nice hot, steamy shower or bath the water vaporizes and you inhale all the chemicals in your water.   Personally, I don’t want to be absorbing lots of chemicals and toxin.  That’s why I use the Nikken PiMag MicroJet shower system.    It filters out contaminants (especially chlorine which by the way is a known carcinogen) for a much healthier shower.

So, how healthy is your shower water?  You are worth it!  Provide your body with the water nature intended!