How will you slow the aging process and stay young and healthy. Is this something you think about? Do you think about it every day, once in a while or not at all.

It probably depends on your age or your health status. When you are young and invincible you probably never think about the last 10 years of your life. If you are middle age and starting to have a few aches and pains, you may think about it once in a while or on a bad day. If you are in your golden years, you may think about it frequently and may be even worry a little.

It’s a fact, we are living longer and that’s a good thing. It’s also a fact that we are living longer but in poor health and that’s not a good thing. So what do we do? Can we do anything about it? The answer is YES!!!

Did you know you were born with the body’s own ability to mend and repair? It’s true. When your body has the proper building blocks, it can undo any damage done during the day. If you are getting proper sleep, providing your body with whole food based nutrition,staying connected to earth’s energies, drinking filtered, alkaline water and breathing fresh air, your body will mend, repair and eventually thrive.

You are in control. You can choose to age gracefully and have health and vitality during those golden years. The trick is to start young. Don’t wait until you are feeling the signs of aging (but it is also never to late to start reversing the aging process). Enjoy “the last 10 years of your life” in health and vitality!

Love to hear from you!