Flu season is in full swing!  How many of you are suffering with the symptoms of the flu?  Have you had it yet? Have your kids brought it home from school?  Schools are closing and hospitals are full.  It seems to be one of those “bad flu seasons” this year.

Did you get your flu shot this year?  Everyone is being encouraged to get it.  “It’s not too late” to get your flu shot.  It’s probably not going to prevent you from getting the flu because the flu bug has”mutated”, but get your flu shot anyway.

If it sounds like I am being a little sarcastic, your are right.  I am.  I don’t get the flu shot.  I have the belief that if I keep a strong immune system and take a proactive approach to my health, I will be able to avoid the flu.  So far, so good.

In order to stay healthy, I make choices year around that assure me a healthy body with a strong immune system.  I believe that there are 5 vital elements necessary for life.  By providing my body with the best quality of these 5 vital elements, my body has the building blocks necessary to mend and repair and stay healthy.  These vital elements are clean, alkaline waterdeep, restorative sleep, whole food, organic nutrition,  earths magnetic energy field, and plenty of natural sunlight.  As an added support especially for cold and flu season, I increase my intake of my favorite nutritional support for my immune system called Immunity (imagine that).  This product insures my immune system has the support it needs to be functioning properly.

These necessary elements are essential for your body to function and stay alive.  Providing your body with the best quality “necessary elements” will keep your body healthy all year long not just through flu season.  You will invest in your health, minimize out of pocket medical expenses, slow down the aging process, and feel the best you have felt in years.  I know because this has been my experience for the last 10 years!  Join me!  Get healthy, raise a healthy family and enjoy all the benefits of optimal health.

So there you have it.  It’s pretty simple.  I breath (clean air). I drink water (clean, healthy water), I sleep (deep, restorative sleep). I provide my body with natural energies and natural sunlight (natural is the key). And last but not least, I supplement with whole food, organic supplements because as we all know, our food supply isn’t what it used to be.  Decide to be proactive with your health. A few simple changes will make a world of difference.   Do it today!