Do you drink filtered water?  Do you drink alkaline, ionized water?  Do you drink enough water?  Well the summer is here.  Well, not really. Not for a few more weeks until it’s official.  But the weather feels like summer.  We have had days close to 90 degrees.  Are you keeping hydrated?   Do you understand the difference in water?  Believe me, all water is not created equal!

I could talk a very long time about water.  Our bodies are about 70% water.  All our body’s chemical reactions need water to work.  Water helps with temperature control ( important in 90 degree weather).  Water keeps our skin moist, our spinal disks plump, our joints lubricated, our sinuses healthy and able to resist allergens.  It keeps our blood flowing and our brain chemicals working.  Water just does a ton of things!  Doesn’t it make sense to give your body the best, healthiest, water you can find?

OK.  So where do we find healthy water.  We know right out of the stream isn’t good.  Too many chemicals from farm run off, industry, and probably people run off!  Our city water isn’t exactly the best either. It won’t kill you right away, but maybe later!  If nothing else it’s loaded with chlorine so we don’t get diseases or parasites.  Bottled water is expensive, could have plastic molecules in it, and is probably acidic.  Some bottled water is just tap water with a fancy label!  Reverse osmosis water is clean but expensive and very acidic.  It’s so clean it’s dead water, absolutely nothing in it.

Like I said I could go on and on about water.  But you know what, there is a solution to the problem.  There is water that is clean, healthy, alkaline and with no plastic molecules.  It is very inexpensive and is very healthy for your body.  It will actually help your body perform all its necessary functions.  It will help you detoxify and will help every cell function at its optimal capacity.  If I didn’t mention it earlier water also helps every cell of your body receive oxygen and nutrients to function properly.  Keeping an alkaline body helps you to fight disease.  Bacteria and viruses cannot multiply and divide in an alkaline environment.  I recommend drinking alkaline water.

This is the water system I recommend.  It is affordable and provides you with the healthiest water available also giving you  the proper pH balance.  If you want water on the go, I recommend a very portable, BPA free, sport water bottle.  Just fill it with tap water and this water filter cleans and alkalizes the water with minerals.   If you want to know how to stay healthy, drink filtered water.  Get great water to go without the expense of bottled water.

Don’t forget to shower in chlorine free water.  You skin will absorb the chlorine in your water and as the chlorine vaporizes in a hot shower, you inhale the fumes.  I recommend this shower system for a healthy, chlorine free shower.

Summer time is especially important to drink the proper amount of healthy water.  To be adequately hydrated drink 1/2 your body’s weight in oz daily.

Enjoy your summer!  Keep hydrated and feel great!