Do you have BPA exposure? Do you suffer with the side effects of BPA?


Once again BPA is in the news. Research is showing there is a possible link between BPA exposure and migraine headaches. How many people do you know that suffer with frequent migraines? How many people do you know that walk around drinking bottled water or soda? It makes you wonder.

The science is pretty interesting. It sounds like the estrogen like effects of the BPA makes your body respond as if there are elevated levels of estrogen floating around in the blood stream. It is also known that headaches can be related to the menstrual cycle which of course is related to estrogen levels. Interesting!

There are many other adverse side effects from BPA and this is just one. The information in this video is pretty eye opening. I hope you will take the time to watch the video and make your own decisions. My purpose is not to be scary, but to educate and inform others so healthy decisions can be made for the family.

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