Create a healthy home environment!  Our home is where our health is.  Let’s use natural solutions to keep our family safe.  Many believe it is their doctor, medication or surgery that makes us or keeps us safe and healthy.  If you are already suffering with chronic conditions or have had a terrible accident or illness, your medical practitioners are the people who are managing your health.  But what are you doing to help yourself improve your medical situation?

Are you aware that there are many things you can do to improve your health and it’s all about the choices you make daily.  By becoming aware of and making better choices towards improving your health, you can actually improve your situation.  These choices include improvements in your Lifestyle and Environment.

We have incorporated the products you see on our Self Care Matters page into our home and have been living in a Wellness Home, a greenhouse for mending, repairing and eventually thriving.  That is exactly what has happened for us.  We are healthier, more energetic, eliminated health conditions and prescriptions, and have really turned back the clock and slowed the aging process.  Take a look!  Give it a try!  Be healthy by choice not by chance!