Do you bring nature into your home?  I do.  This is the reason why.  Have you thought about how many hours you spend inside? This time of year, it only makes sense. You want to protect yourself from the cold and wind, the snow and wet! Yet, what is that doing to our health? I know when I was a kid, my mom was kicking us outside whenever possible! She’d say, “Go outside and get the cobwebs blown out”! I always thought she just wanted to get us out from under her feet! But we always came back feeling uplifted and happy with a different attitude! Now that I understand the importance of nature in our health and lives, I realize how smart my mother was (and still is). Mom knew that fresh air made all the difference in the world. Now a days, we spend a lot more time inside than out. What would it mean to our health if we could change the very polluted air in our homes (studies show our in-home air is more polluted than outside air), into clean, fresh, crisp and negative ion loaded air?

Quoting an early article in Science “…it was concluded that ionized air prevents weak individuals from early death, increases the growth of birds and their productiveness (egg laying), helps to assimilate food, increases general metabolism, raises physical activity, improves reproduction, favorably affects the composition of blood, increases the resistance of an organism [animal] and has preventive and therapeutic value in some diseases.” (A.L. Romanoff. The application of artificially ionized air; Science 81 (2109) 536-7. [1935]).

Negative ions have been shown to have many, many positive health effects, from reducing and trapping allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria (so helping prevent respiratory disease) to improving sleep patterns, reducing depression. As one of the key advocates of negative ion use, Fred Soyka quotes, “… based on 5,000+ scientific documents that have been published regarding negative ion studies, all support the conclusion that an overload of negative ions seems to be beneficial”

Surrounding yourself with negative ions creates a wellness environment and protects you from the assault by free radicals and other environmental toxins that are positively charged by nature. So if you use Nikken products (such as the powerbandM-stride , Nikken’s comforter, the Kenko Ground etc) while being indoors they provide the same effect as “Earthing” by surrounding you with negative ions all day. One of the key components of having a wellness home.  We trust and recommend building your wellness home through Nikken, Int.  We live in a Nikken Wellness Home.