Autism Awareness month occurs in April. In honor of this special time and because I have a firm belief in the power of nature, I thought I would write about this topic.

The human body whether young or old, was created to live within an environment of natural energies and natural sunlight. In order to have life, the human body needs water, air and nutrition. When we are caring for a child (our own child) with serious challenges, we tend to over look the simple things, the basic things which are necessary for life.

We are so concerned with getting to the bottom of the problem, finding the diagnosis and finding relief for the symptoms we will try anything that is recommended by all the specialists. Many times the basic necessities for life are not addressed.

Cade, the little boy in the video, and many other children like him have been helped by improving the quality of sleep they get.  By exposing them to Natures energies, it is actually possible to do that without the use of medication. By improving the quality of air our children breath we reduce the amount of chemicals, allergens and pollutants being inhaled with every breath.  Don’t be afraid to spend 20-30 minutes a day out of doors breathing natures air. Exposing a child to natural sunlight everyday has a large impact on their mood and focus. A half an hour of the natural sunlight  first thing in the morning affects the balance of the brain neurotransmitters which in turn affects mood, attention span, food cravings and even sleep. Water is necessary for every cell of our child’s body. It only makes sense to give them the best water   possible. Now throw in some whole food, organic based nutrition and you may see an amazing change in your child.

It’s really about returning to nature. As you are helping your child through the challenges they face, remember to provide the best quality possible for the basic necessities of life.