Beautiful to see, but maybe makes you sneeze?

Do you suffer with seasonal allergies?   I know I do.  Well hang on!  Allergy Season is here! There are many different symptoms and those symptoms can range from mild to severe. Nasal congestion, sneezing, sinus drainage, itchy eyes, sinus pressure and annoying coughing and wheezing can be some of the symptoms allergy sufferers put up with. Annoyance is the biggest problem! It is annoying to the sufferer and to anyone in close proximity!

I know I get tired of all the sniffing and nose blowing. Watery eyes make my makeup run and then burn my eyes. There are nights it is difficult to sleep. So, what’s a girl (guy) to do? Usually we turn to medication. There are plenty of OTC sinus and allergy medication. Doctors are willing to give you a prescription for your symptoms. But when medicated, then you have to deal with the side effects from the medication. The thing I hate the most is feeling sleepy and groggy during the day. So, what’s a person to do?

As you know, I prefer to handle my health issues as naturally as possible. I have found that living in a healthy environment, both internally and externally, makes a major difference in my physical health and comfort. If I may, I will share with you my recipe for working through allergy season (which by the way, lasts year round for me due to summer and winter allergies). I want my internal environment to be as healthy as possible. I nourish my immune system with the building blocks it needs to be healthy. I use a few supplements that are organic and whole food in order to balance immune function.  My favorites are Immunity, Jade Greenzymes, and Cleanse and Detox for liver support. Of course I always keep well hydrated with my favorite filtered water. For my external environment, I want the air in my home to be as fresh as possible. You probably already know this, but the air in our home is more polluted than the air outdoors! I make sure I get out side every day to take some nice deep breaths. I also leave my bedroom window open just a crack to allow nature in!   I give my body the best, most restful sleep possible by cocooning my self in natures energies.  I have a special mattress topper on my bed , I lay my head on the perfect pillow, and I cover with a thermo-regulating comforter.

By making these simple changes in my environment, I have eliminated allergy medications, allergy symptoms and breeze through allergy season without suffering! You too can reduce or maybe even eliminate your allergy symptoms. Have a great season!