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Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at Wellness and Wealth by Choice.  At this sight you will find information about tips for better health for yourself and your family.  This is called Self Care.

Many people have a false belief that their physician or their local medical center are where they are made well or kept healthy.  This is really not accurate, because it is your body that does the mending and repairing.  Your physician or hospital may assist your body with mending and repairing through chemical or surgical means, but if you give your body the tools or building blocks to function as it was created, you could avoid the need for chemical or surgical assistance.

You will find, that we focus on the necessary building blocks our body needs for life, water, nutrition, sleep and natural energies like sunlight, magnetic energy and negative ions.  We cannot live without any one of these elements (yet every one of them has been contaminated).   And when we provide our body with all the necessary elements and the best quality possible your body will mend, repair and eventually thrive!  We call this process “Self Care!”

Self Care is a process of becoming aware of and making better choices towards a healthier life.  It is achieved by incorporating simple, affordable, passive and effective principles to your daily living.  By actively practicing Self Care your home will become a greenhouse where you and your family will thrive.

I hope we have sparked your interest and you will check back regularly!

We practice Self Care and our lives are forever changed!  We decided to “Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance!”