Thank you for taking your time to become informed! You have discovered Wellness and Wealth by Choice. Our background is nursing, teaching and engineering. We have recommended and coached wellness for 12 years.

We believe that by becoming aware of and making better choices concerning your health, you can improve the quality of your life. Our concept focuses on the “essential elements” necessary for your body to maintain life. These elements are, water, nutrition, sleep and natural energy (when was the last time your medical provider inquired about this aspect of your life?). These essential elements are aspects of your daily living that affect your lifestyle and environment.


Our services offer recommendations and products that will improve your lifestyle and environment which allows your body to thrive. We make no claims of healing. Our belief is that your body does the healing. It is your responsibility to provide the best quality building blocks and tools for your body to be healthy. We have the experience to coach and guide you. We are partnered with the only total wellness company in the world, Nikken, Inc, as Independent Consultants. Nikken is a research and development company focusing on Natures Energies that support the body’s well-being.

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We will address the need to reverse the adverse affects of a toxic and harmful environment on you and your family. By providing optimal health and financial well being for you, your family and others, you will achieve peace of mind.

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