We are Sue and Bob Gruber, Wellness & Wealth by Choice! Our belief is that being healthy and having wealth is a choice you make. By setting goals and making plans to achieve those goals AND making positive choices, you will both improve your health and your wealth.

Twelve years ago we made a decision to improve our health and wealth. We were introduced to a global, total wellness company called Nikken. This company’s mission is to help society become healthy and find financial freedom through the 5 Pillars of Health, healthy mind, body, family, society and finances. This made perfect sense to us. Nikken products focus on the things that are necessary for your body to maintain life, water, nutrition, sleep and Earth’s natural energies. Unfortunately all of the essentials of life have been contaminated by modern living. Is this why so many of us suffer with
chronic conditions?

Nikken’s products are based on the application of various forms of natural energy. Our technologies feature innovations that set them apart from anything else available. Founded in Japan in 1975, Nikken has given millions of individuals and families around the world the ability to dramatically transform and improve their live. We are committed to providing the education necessary to make ‘healthy choices’ and the highest-quality products enabling everyone to achieve the level of health they desire through a process called Active Wellness.
We are proud and honored to offer Nikken’s Active Wellness life to you and your family. Please visit our product pages to learn more. Contact us and we will give you a call, answer your questions or schedule an appointment.


Bob and Sue